Do-All Scrubber

Do-All Scrubber

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The Unique Honeycomb Textured Surface Traps Bugs and Sticky Contaminants while Caring an Abundance of Soap and Water to Safely Scrub Away Stubborn Bugs, Bird Droppings, Tar, Tree Sap, and Other Contaminants Without Harming the Clear Coat Finish

Fits On a Standard Threaded Handle (not included) for Ease of Use – No Need to Apply Pressure, The Do-All Scrubber Does the Work for You

Before Each Use, Prepare the Large Foam Do-All Scrubber Bug Remover by Soaking it in Warm Soapy Water for 3-5 Minutes to Lubricate and Soften the Course Material – It Will Not Scratch When Used As Directed

Non-Abrasive When Used with Soapy Water - Rinses Easily After Use – Long Lasting and Durable

Uses: Bug Remover, Tree Sap Remover, Tar Remover – All without Chemicals or Excessive Scrubbing – Bug and Tar Removal Made Easy!