Castle Plexo Plexiglass Cleaner

Castle Plexo Plexiglass Cleaner

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Castle Plexo Anti-Static Plastic Glass Cleaner 

  • Use on Computer Screens, Aircraft, RVs, Marine, Home
  • Reduces Static and Resists Fogging
  • No Scratch, No Smear Formula


STREAK FREE FOR PLASTIC, PLEXIGLASS AND GLASS - cuts through dirt, grease, windshield residue, fingerprints, nicotine stains on automotive or airplane windshields, motorcycle windshields, Plexiglass, countertops, phone screens, computer screens, most any hard surface. Plexo Plastic and Glass Cleaner is a non-streaking formula that will not abrade, smear, or scratch your soft plastic surfaces. It works equally well for glass window cleaning, also.


NO HARSH CHEMICALS OR ABRASIVES - that cause scratches or discolors your transparent plastic surfaces. You won’t have new scratches or discoloration that is often caused by other cleaning products. You can be confident that your plastic surfaces are protected as you use Plexo Anti-static Plastic Glass Cleaner. Your plastic glass will be clean, static free and resistant to fogging.


SAFE AND AMMONIA FREE - safe on glass and plastic surfaces, including tinted windows. Safe for TV screens, Plexiglass, phone screens, plastic counters, safety shields, RV windshields and windows, plastic windshields, automobile windshields, motorcycle windshields, plastic helmet visors, plastic eye protection, most hard surfaces.


NEUTRALIZES STATIC ELECTRICITY - at the same time you are cleaning your surface, this special formula removes the electrostatic buildup. Your windshields, plastic and glass will stay clean longer without the static that attracts dust and dirt in the air to your clean surface. Your plastic and glass surfaces will be resistant to fogging, too.


FOAMING SPRAY - does not run or drip, Plexo Plastic Cleaner stays where you spray it, ready to clean and wipe off with a lint-free cloth. It does not leave streaks or haze behind. Plexo Plastic Cleaner has a pleasant smell that you’ll enjoy even after the cleaning job is finished.



  1. Shake Well.
  2. Use 2 soft, lint-free cloths (do not use paper towels or anything that could scratch plastic glass).
  3. Hold the aerosol can in an upright position 4-6 inches from surface to be cleaned and spray to cover outside edges and then diagonally from corner to corner.
  4. Use one cloth to wipe dirt from surface and then polish dry with a second clean cloth.

Note: For computers, spray on a soft cloth. Never spray an aerosol directly on computer or monitor.



  • VOC Compliant
  • 17.75 oz Aerosol Can
  • Anti-Static and Resistant to Fogging
  • No Harsh Abrasives or Chemicals
  • Streak-Free and Scratch Free