Castle Glass Cleaner

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Castle Streak Proof Glass Cleaner make your windows so clear, it's like they're invisible!

How many times do you finish your window cleaning job in frustration? You stand back to admire your hard work and all you see are streaks, smears or smudges on your newly washed windows! Eliminate that irritation when you use Castle Aerosol Glass Cleaner for your auto windshields, bathroom mirrors, home, industrial, and commercial windows and more.

Castle Glass Cleaner cleans more than just windows.

It is a versatile cleaner that works equally well on ceramic, porcelain, mirrors, stainless steel, and chrome. Grease, dirt, all types of film, fingerprints, and grim come off in a breeze without streaking, smearing, or smudging. Ammonia fortified to make cleaning easier, but without the ammonia smell.

How to remove the interior windshield film every time.

Have you noticed the film that invariably shows up on the interior of your auto windshield as you drive toward the sun? Vinyl plasticizers in most vehicles breakdown, especially in heat, resulting in gaseous vapors that settle on the interior of your windshield. Castle Glass Cleaner effectively removes this film in 2 easy steps. It is an auto detailers favorite choice for cleaning windshields inside and out without scrubbing or streaking.

How to make dull windows shine quickly and easily

Shake gently the aerosol glass cleaner before using. Spray on the surface to be cleaned, starting at the top, approximately 8 inches away. Use 2 soft lint-free cloths (works great with microfiber towels or shop towels), one to loosen and wipe off the dirt and the other to polish dry leaving glass with remarkable clarity. You can use 1 cloth effectively, just be sure to keep it turned to a clean side as you wipe to avoid re-applying the dirt you just removed. When cleaning your exterior car windows, a squeegee works equally well.

Castle added a Special Bonus

Most of the efficient glass cleaners for sale today have a unpleasant chemical odor. Castle formulated their glass cleaner to not only leave your windows sparkling clean with no chemical odor, but it leaves behind a pleasant clean air fragrance in your home, building, or vehicle.

Buy Castle Streak Proof Glass Cleaner by the Case and Save! 12 each 18 ¼ aerosol cans